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Mental Wealth 3 Day Reboot

Next Event 5th - 7th AUGUST 

Success in Health - Wealth - Happiness & Relationships

Chris Whalley has been coaching for 12yrs and provides support with the mindset

inner-conflicts, family dynamics to dis-ease

Developmental Psychology
Strategic Intervention
(Tony Robbins-Madanes)
Human needs psychology
N.L.P (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
N.A.C (Neuro associative conditioning)
Timeline Therapy
Meta-Health Practitioner
(GNM) German new medicine

Luke Tickel has 20 years experience with the arts of human illusion and persuation,

Luke has been practicing Martial Arts for 25 years

Trained in Counselling 
N.L.P practitioner

(Neuro Linguistic Programming)


Steve Carter runs the Zenergie Pain Therapy Clinic in Ramsgate Kent. He is a Shiatsu and Microsystems Acupuncture Practitioner qualifying as a Shiatsu Practitioner with the European Shiatsu School under Chris Jarmey and studying Acupuncture with John Tindall at the Yuan Centre. He is also Reiki Practitioner through the Jikiden Reiki lineage.  

He has practiced Martiall Arts and Qigong for over 35 years.

Our mission for this program
Is to help MEN rediscover their true authentic masculine self.

Through the process of Inner Work, Strategic Intervention, workshops, Qi Gong, Acupuncture, N.L.P, Counselling, Shiatsu & Personal introspection.
'Inner work' is the mastery over your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values and actions for the purpose of creating a more harmonious and joyous life. This work involves making internal changes so you are no longer triggered by others or particular situations, nor plagued by negative thoughts and past hurts. 
Reboot Camp Details
All personal development workbooks, workshops, therapies, Classes, Sauna, Hot tub Refreshments  (All inclusive price of £995)
For us to maximise results for you, this Reboot event is LTD to 10 people only.
Like you, we value both time and opportunity, if you would like to participate in this event we will be offering 30 minute online consultations in order to narrow down 10 participants for our Reboot Camp.
Please email Chris

Fresh Juices & Smoothies, Tea Coffee. (Included)
Food is available at our local pub located 50 yards along the road. Royal Oak
Lunch at 1pm 90mins each day
Refreshments available throughout the day

Accomodation (Not incl in Reboot Camp price)
Cresent Turner    5mins
Premier Inn       5mins
Travel Lodge     6mins
Accomodation is available onsite at one of our Luxury self catering properties.
Please contact Michelle direct.
Kent Cottage Holidays       onsite


The Truth Sets us Free

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