Tap into your


We all have the potential to influence significant change in ourselves and the
lives of other people.

Is this workshop for you?

  • Want to take back control of your life?

  • An empathic people pleaser who gets left with the blame?

  • Frustrated, misunderstood & un-heard?

  • An unpaid therapist to your friends & family?

  • A professional healer who would like quicker results?

  • A potential Mindset Influencer making money helping others?

  • Personal development path?

If that's a yes i have decided to create a one day workshop made up of the most important elements that have helped me influence real change in the lives of hundreds of people. 

Basic, Simple, Fundamental, Foundational, Necessary, Challenging, Enlightening, Inspiring, Empowering, or simply "Reminding" are the words i focused on when creating this one day workshop.

Here are a few tools i will be sharing during the workshop that have helped me influence significant change in the lives of hundreds of people during the past ten years.

Developmental Psychology
Strategic Intervention (Robbins-Madanes)
Human needs psychology
N.L.P (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
N.A.C (Neuro associative conditioning)
Timeline Therapy


11 hour intense workshop for the price of a 90min coaching session.

LTD Spaces Available @ Just £95 (Please follow this link to book) 

This workshop will be at Honey Tree lodge which is one of our luxury award winning holiday accommodations in the village of Blean, Kent.

LTD Spaces, up to 10 people
This is not a certification course & is for educational purposes only.
Only 3 carparking spaces (first to book) extra spaces are available at the pub next door
We will have lunch at 12.30 for 90mins (food available at pub next door)
and short breaks throughout the day for tee/coffee juice etc.