From Kent to Chicago, Dubai to the Netherlands -1,000s of people have achieved better relationships great health and more financial freedom.
By breaking through their fears and emotional 
barriers using my unique P.P.F coaching programs
and services enabling them to experience life on their terms.
What do you want?

  • Natural Health recovery

  • Great Relationships

  • Life Direction

  • Sense of Purpose

  • Free from Addictions

  • More money at the end of the month

Mindset Success Coaching
Health Wealth & Relationships
Are you an expert in your field? 
You may have overcome your own physical/mental/emotional/spiritual trauma.
If thats a YES
The world needs to hear your story
NOW more than ever.

Asimple video to understand coaching

Share your knowledge
and story 

Are you living in conflict with you?


If you are not living life as the best YOU, you may at times feel isolated, anger, fear, worry, loneliness & abandonment which can often develop into health challenges, relationship issues and finantial barriers,  especially when the conflict  is unresolved.

How can coaching help you?


One thing I know to be true.

The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the the quality of the relationship you have with yourself (Your self-esteem)

Your Self Esteem is created through many factors, mostly the decisions we all make in those defining moments in life.

The problem is, as a result of those decisions we make, we develop beliefs habits and behaviours that often in conflict with who we really are, resulting in lack of happiness in our relationships, health issues and financial/career difficulties.


As your coach, I will help you create a great relationship with yourself using my own unique PPF coaching system, so you can have great relationships health and the financial freedom to enjoy life all that much more.


Chris Whalley


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