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Health Wealth & Relationships

IBS Fibromyalgia Anxiety

From the very first moment i sat down in the hot seat to speak with Chris i felt the most comfortable than anyone i had sought help from before. Chris helped me understand that the diagnosis and treatment plan i had received from my doctor does not have to be the only way of treating my health problems, IBS Fibromyalgia Anxiety and back pain had become part of me to much of my life. UNTIL _The truth is that at first i found it hard to believe what Chris was teaching me, but soon after i took his advice and researched for myself why i had been experiencing the health issues i had, my problems took a turn for the better, i actually started healing myself by correcting areas of my life that were out of balance. Who'd have thought that the way we live our life in the finest detail determines the quality of our health. Quite amazing !! Thank you Chris X

Sue B

Relationship on target

"Chris has been brilliant, he’s helped me through a really tough time by helping me to see life from a completely different perspective and appreciate life so much more when we take responsibility.

I couldn’t recommend him highly enough, his delivery and sheer honesty is refreshing, his guidance is spot on and exactly what I needed when I didn’t know which way to turn.

If you’re struggling with something, don’t be afraid to get in touch with him, it’ll be the best decision you make"

Brendan Collins




Certified Anthony Robbins/Madanes
Strategic Intervention Coach
Specialising in Inner & Outer conflict resolution within
Personal Health - Workplace / Business - Relationships

Reaching out is the most difficult stage of personal change and recovery to health wealth and happiness.


Developmental Psychology

Strategic Intervention (Robbins-Madanes)

Human needs psychology

N.L.P (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

N.A.C (Neuro associative conditioning)

Timeline Therapy
Meta-Health Practitioner
(GNM) German new medicine
Reiki Practitioner Pt 1 & 2

P.P.F coaching system
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