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Timeline therapy

What would life look like if you could make the decisions you find most difficult to make?

When we experience repetitive problems and destructive patterns are becoming obvious to you e.g., repeatind failed relationships and friendships, addictions, procrastination, lacking in direction, difficulties with money and jobs.

These are just a few indicators of a person with inner conflicts who has been overlooking, avoiding and or rejecting much needed software updates.

What do I mean (software updates)?

Your experience of life (operating system) is simply made up of these fundamental elements

  • Beliefs

  • Values

  • Rules

What we believe to be true about ourselves-others-and the world around us, what we value and prioritize in all areas of life and the rules we make up about what needs to happen to experience life to the standards we set or settle upon.


The Coach

I believe:

The most important skill of a coach is their ability to fully connect listen and understand you and where you are right now.
Life experience is an advantage some of the best coaches have grown through love and adversity and questioned every step of the way.

A deep understanding of psychology and human behavior. 


Resolving our inner conflicts and updating our personal software ultimately leads to much more success and fulfillment in all areas of life..


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