What would life look like if you could make the decisions you find most difficult to make?

Depression, repeated failed relationships and friendships, addictions, procrastination, lacking in direction, difficulties with career and money.

These are just a few indicators of a person with inner conflicts.
Internal conflict happens when a person struggles with something within themselves. These two contradicting  wants, needs or desires often prevent one from making the decisions that lead to success.

Resolving our inner conflicts and updating our personal software ultimately leads to much more success and fulfilment in all areas of life..

Reaching out is the most difficult stage of personal change and recovery to health wealth and happiness.

Developmental Psychology

Strategic Intervention (Robbins-Madanes)

Human needs psychology

N.L.P (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

N.A.C (Neuro associative conditioning)

Timeline Therapy
Meta-Health Practitioner
(GNM) German new medicine
Reiki Practitioner Pt 1 & 2

P.P.F coaching system